About MiyakoCon

Join us February 22-23, 2020 in Salem, Oregon
for our 5th annual event!

A proud PRINCESS OF POWER poses with their sword!

Every year at the end of February, we’re honored to host hundreds of fans who get together to celebrate their favorite Anime, cosplay, characters, Japanese fan- culture, and fan traditions with us.

MiyakoCon is two full weekend days packed with panels, contests, vendors, artists, creative workshops, games, cosplay, friends… and fun.

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MiyakoCon is LOCAL.

First-time convention goers and veteran attendees agree that MiyakoCon is a great event for any anime, cosplay, or Japanese pop culture fan. We’re here for you. For a long time, there’s been an active community of fans in Salem and Keizer– and few events that give you a place to enjoy yourselves. Welcome home! 

Miyako (Me-yah-koh) Con is a small but growing anime and Japanese pop culture convention in our fifth year. This event happens annually in or near Oregon’s capitol, Salem, known locally as the “cherry city”.

Why the name “Miyako” Con?
In Kyoto, Japan’s old capitol city, the largest annual public Geisha festival is the “Miyako Odori”, often called the “Cherry Blossom Dances”. ‘Miyako’ means capital city, and ‘Odori’ means dance, so ‘Miyako Odori’ translates literally as ‘Capital City Dances’, which makes sense when you consider that Kyoto used to be the capital of Japan, and that ‘Kyoto’ is still written with characters meaning ‘capital city’. In English the dances are often referred to as ‘The Cherry Blossom Dances’, because they take place in April when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, or sometimes just as ‘The Kyoto Dances’. Click here to check out an article about it!


Things that happen at MiyakoCon include:

Creation Station – The creative programming you want to see– drawing, cosplay, DIY crafts, and other panels with a focus on hands-on work. 

Fan-Run Content – focusing on your favorite Anime, Characters, and Games, as well as some cultural programming.

Interactive Contests – Join in on our Cosplay Contest, Lip Sync Battle, Sweet Improv Dance Challenge, Game Shows, Cards Against MiyakoCon, and other interactive activities!

Vendors – We always have a robust selection of skilled artists and vendors for your perusal.

Screenings – See old and new favorites, movies, and more in our Screening Room!

Gaming – This year we’re adding a whole room of video gaming hosted by Salem SmashFests! Or, drop in to play Magic the Gathering and other card and board games.