Cosplay Senpai Will Be At MiyakoCon 3!

Hi, Con-goer Reader, this is a little info about the Cosplay Senpai. They started their conventions experiences in 2008, with Sakura-Con, from then they attended many cons afterward; Kumoricon, Aki Con, Mewcon, Cherry City Comic Con and even MiyakoCon. Always having fun and helping others out with their costumes and making their own costumes. With always helping people out they soon began to be called Senpai, with that the name Cosplay Senpai stuck, and just like in the beginning hanging out and having fun has always been a key part with them.

No matter if you’re shy or confident in who you are, the Cosplay Senpai will always be willing to make a friend and help out. So, if you’re new to this world, don’t hesitate to say, “Hi.” The Cosplay Senpai will always be with a friendly and heartwarming smile.

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