Chaotic Creations Cosplay Will Be At MiyakoCon 3!

Sheri is a 28-year-old costume designer, cosplayer, entertainer, reenactor, and all around geek, located in the Pacific Northwest. She is also what is lovingly referred to as a ‘Super Fan’ – one of those elusive and obsessive people who latch onto an author and fawn upon their every written word. Thus was the case for the Washington writer co-op ‘Clockwork Dragon’ – specifically one Jeffrey Cook. Through determination (and a pretty face), Sheri has begun training as Jeff’s personal assistant at conventions, more often than not dressed as a character from one book or another. A saleswoman by trade, she spends her free time crafting and modeling various props and outfits.
Sheri’s real passion—other than cosplay that is – is passing on information and teaching. Lately, she’s done this by running panels she wishes she could have attended when she first started. You can find her often running Cosplay 101, 102, and a villain etiquette class, along with a live-action Pokémon Battle Dome that she runs as Pikachu.

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