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A Hyperactive cosplayer since 2008 with a love for, gaming, movies, cosplay and an obsession for cats. Currently what motivates me as a cosplayer is to perform on stage in musical or normal skits. I love bringing a smile so someone’s face and I want to bring more love to autistic cosplayers. Though born in Romania I call the PNW my home. 

Instagram: @the_raptor_cat 
Tik Tok: @raptorkitty

With a love for creativity and a passion for hands-on crafts, KionCloud found themself intrigued with the idea of cosplay when it was first introduced into their life. Kion began their own cosplay journey in the autumn of 2013 about a year after discovering the exciting new hobby. They enjoy honing their skills in the many artistic aspects of cosplay encompassing making costumes, creating YouTube videos, as well as in-person performances in front of audiences. While attending several cosplay and Japanese cultural conventions throughout Washington and Oregon, Kion has participated in many live events including cosplay chess and several in character panels. In addition to enjoying the various facets of cosplay they also strive to be a positive influence in the cosplay community and enjoy the interactions they have with their followers on social media platforms such as Instagram. KionCloud loves meeting and seeing new faces so don’t hesitate to say hello!

Instagram @KionCloud
YouTube KionCloud

Uptown is a cosplayer that has become renowned for their highly successful character panels and award-winning lip sync battle performances.  They host many main events and emcee at conventions around the Pacific Northwest and share their panels, reviews, and advice with their broad audience as a YouTuber and social media icon.  Uptown has been creating their own costumes and styling wigs by hand since they began in 2012, and has cosplayed for events as many popular characters, most notably Chat Noir from “Miraculous Ladybug”, Lotor from “Voltron: Legendary Defender”, Viktor Nikiforov from “Yuri!!! On Ice”, and Death the Kid from “Soul Eater”.

Instagram @uptown.cosplay
YouTube – Uptown Cosplay

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