Your Cosplay Contest Judges:

Black Bettie Cosplay

Black Bettie Cosplay is a plus size cosplayer, creator, and photographer from the PNW. She has been cosplaying for over 10 years and has made over 37 cosplays from a variety of movies, comic books and animated films. She believes strongly that cosplay is for everyone and works hard to spread that message. She loves the challenge of bringing each character to life and learning new crafting techniques. When not working on cosplay, she enjoys Lolita fashion, photography and graphic design, and catching up with her favorite animated series.

Alderis Spindleheart

Alderis Spindleheart is a veteran in the con circuit starting in 2004. Since then he has gone on to be a commission costume and prop builder. Outside of the world of cosplay Josh has also been involved with various theatrical performances and been a Production Assistant in a few film productions. He has also won a number of costume competitions for creative skills.

Jailer Cosplay is a Colorado native residing in the Seattle area. When not devoted to her passion for cosplay, she works full-time at a video game company, plays with her dog, creates art and illustration, and drinks a lot of coffee. Jailer has been doing cosplay for over 10 years, but has only in the last year started pursuing it full-time. She spent her college years earning a Bachelor’s in Theater, Costume Design as well as education in glamour and special effects makeup and fashion.

Jailer’s talents and experience have earned her two guest of honor appearances at conventions both in Texas and Washington, multiple appearances judging competitions, and recently worked as a cosplayer at a booth for PAX West. In a few short months, she has earned a moderate Twitch and Patreon following, and has a rapidly growing audience on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

She enjoys doing makeup and construction speedruns, hosting a number of panels from cosplay making 101 to Japanese fashion intro panels at cons, and enjoys entering cosplay competitions.

Stay tuned for the AWESOME panels Lorien will be doing at MiyakoCon 4!

She can be found on social media at the following locations:

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