MiyakoCon 5 Mascot Contest

MiyakoCon 5’s mascot contest theme is SLICE OF LIFE! Send us your interpretation of a five-tailed fox girl caught in an interesting everyday moment. Submissions are due Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at midnight PST.Click here for a .pdf of these instructions.

We do want to see:

  • Formal, semi-formal, or casual day-to-day themes like home life, school, workplace, societal, family, and relationship situations
  • Cherry blossoms, petals, and/or fruit somewhere in the composition

We do not want to see:

  • Nudity or undergarments
  • Mature themes (violence, gore, etc.)
  • Characters or costumes from existing properties. Original work only!
  • More than one submission per artist. Send us your best one!

Technical requirements & submission process:

  • Submissions must be a PNG file, 3300×5100 pixels (portrait orientation), on transparent background.
  • By submitting art, you give MiyakoCon organizers non-exclusive, perpetual, unlimited license to use your submission for any promotional purpose. We will always credit you for your artwork.
  • If you win, we’ll ask you to submit a background image as well (for use on digital and print media)
  • Winners receive a place in artist alley and $100.
  • Email submissions as attachments to info@miyakocon.com and include:
    • “M5 mascot submission” in the subject line
    • Your real name (for us)
    • The name you’re publicly known by (if different) and
    • The URL of one website you’d like promoted alongside your credit (like your dA or artstation)

Thanks for participating! We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful art this year.  

MiyakoCon 5 will be held February 22 & 23, 2020 in Salem/Keizer Oregon.

Questions may be sent to info@miyakocon.com. Follow our social media and website for continued updates!

Need some inspiration? Here’s MyAnimeList’s list of slice of life anime.

YEAR 1 – 2016 – SAUCEBOX16

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