Having trouble finding game buddies?

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You know who you are– no matter what, it just doesn’t seem like you can find people who fit your schedule. You have a genius RPG campaign, a whole beautiful world built out for it, and it’s ready to go– you just need players who can match your Tuesday-nights-only schedule. Or maybe you love boardgames, but you’re in school and you work full time so Thursday and Saturday nights are free– but all your friends work weekends. Or maybe you’re dying to host and you have an open schedule, but only know busy people!

MiyakoCon’s new sponsor, Gamely, is a brand new android application that connects gamers serious about getting together. It provides you all the tools you want, with all the simplicity of a kind of “dating” app!

See the players closest to you FIRST.
See the players whose selected games are closest to yours.
View player profiles to find hosts.
Check days of the week players are available.
Swipe Right to go directly to messages.
Add other players to your chat.

Download the app and check it out!

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