MiyakoCon 5 Lip Sync Contest

Here it is, what you have all been waiting for! The sign up for the Lip Sync Contest for MiyakoCon 5 are now live! Limited space is available so sign up soon! 

Our Hosts this year will be Lexie from @sew_into_music and Orion from @lucy_fur_cosplay. Please see sign up form for additional information and rules. 


Lip Sync Contest Host

Sew_into_Music, otherwise known as Lexie has been cosplaying since 2014. She has attended many pacific northwest convention hosting panels, performing on stage and modeled for alternative fashion shows. She has created many costumes/cosplays and is best known for her cosplay redesigns and makeup looks. Lexie, with her huge goof of a personality has a passion for all things Memes and top stitching. She loves the idea of spreading positiveness through the cosplay community and while doing so making herself and others laugh. Along with being the makeup friend she is also one fifth of the cosplay group “Cosplay Coven” Find her on Instagram @sew_into_music

Photo credit: @prettyPrismPhotography


Lip Sync Contest Host

Orion is a Salem based cosplayer that has been creating his own costumes since he got into the scene in 2011 after hearing about cosplay in middle school. He taught himself how to sew by altering thrifted clothes to resemble the outfits of his favorite characters. Now he is comfortably making costumes from scratch with a myriad of materials. Although he enjoys sewing, his favorite part of any cosplay is styling wigs. In his time as a cosplayer, Orion has won several cosplay and lip-sync awards and has recently had the opportunity to judge competitions as well. He can’t wait to see what Miyakocon 2020 has in store! Find him on Instagram @lucy_fur_cosplay

Photo credit: @puddletownpictures_ on Instagram

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