MiyakoCon 5 Cosplay Contest

Announcing MiyakoCon 5’s Cosplay Contest!

Interested in participating in the Cosplay Contest for Miyakocon 5? Please fill out our form! We do have a cap on how many contestants we can include so sign up now to secure your spot!


Cosplay Contest Host

Hildurgalaxy is a PNW Cosplayer, Model, and Entertainer! Cosplay and dressing up has always been a fun and creative outlet for him. Having always admired the passion that others put into their own work, he believes that Cosplay is for everyone and he’s set out to make sure it is. He loves having fun with her friends and loves supporting others. He loves all things horrifying, fashion, and creepy cute. When he’s not working on a project, he’s working on a spooky podcast about ghosts, monsters, and more with his best friend.

Alderis Spindleheart

Cosplay Contest Host

Josh Pardo (Alias Alderis) is an award winning cosplayer and owner of Spindleheart Creations a commission cosplay fabricator. They joined the cosplay scene in 2004 and have been going strong ever since. 

C0RV1D Cosplay

Cosplay Contest Judge

Lorien, also known as C0RV1D Cosplay, is a Colorado native residing in the Seattle area. When not devoted to her passion for cosplay, she works full-time as a video game designer, plays with her dog, creates art and illustration, and drinks a lot of coffee.

Corvid has been doing cosplay for over 10 years. She spent her college years earning a Bachelor’s in Theater, Costume Design as well as education in glamour and special effects makeup and fashion. 

Corvid’s talents and experience have earned her multiple guest of honor appearances at conventions in Texas, Washington, and Oregon. She also has appeared at other numerous events and holds placement in cosplay competition.

She enjoys doing makeup and construction speedruns, hosting a number of panels from cosplay making 101 to Japanese fashion intro panels at cons, and enjoys entering cosplay competitions.

Photo credit: Jason DeSomer Photography

Dahlia Cortez

Cosplay Contest Judge

“I’m a nonbinary mexican puertorican cosplayer, using my platform to help elevate person of color and lgbt cosplayers in the community. I love to help speak on panels about self expression and self discovery through cosplay and always excited to get to know others. I’ve been cosplaying for over 8 years and have a deep love of bringing characters to life.”

Picture credit is from Pretty Prism Photography

Redleaf Cosplay

Cosplay Contest Judge

A Pacific Northwest native and competitive cosplayer, Red Leaf Cosplay has been involved in the cosplay scene for fifteen years. A self-proclaimed “old school” cosplayer, she creates costumes based off the anime and video games of her childhood. Through her convention experience and academic research, she runs panels to promote enrichment, empowerment and personal growth through the art of cosplay.

Photo credit Evan Chen Photography

Blackbettie Cosplay

Cosplay Contest Judge

Black Bettie Cosplay is a plus size cosplayer, creator, and photographer from the PNW. They have been cosplaying for over 10 years and have made over 37 cosplays from a variety of movies, comic books and animated films. Their favorite thing about cosplay is the challenge of bringing each character to life while learning new crafting techniques. They believe strongly that cosplay is for everyone and work hard to spread that message.




Photo credit Hudson Michaels Photography

Cosplay Contest Form

All skill & experience levels are welcome. This contest is about the showmanship and fun that go into Cosplay. Come with your A-game to show off your costuming and stage skills!! Read over these rules and guidelines before applying. 

Contest Rules, Orientation, & Pre-Judging

  • We will be accepting signups until Feb. 14th
  • There will be a waiting list of 10-15
  • Pre-judging/rehearsal is 2 hours before the show. PLEASE SHOW UP ON TIME, or no later than 30 minutes. You will either lose your spot or be placed at the end of the lineup. 
  • Costumes need to be more than 75% handmade and not store bought. Please let judges know what parts were made and which were procured.
  • Walk-ons only, no skits– but being in-character is highly encouraged.
  • Your stage time is 30 seconds. This is for posing and showing off the costume to the audience.
  • You may submit a sound clip or music to play while you walk. Please attach it to this form.
  • Youths under 14 need Guardian’s permission to enter.  
  • If you do not request specific music, we will pick it for you.
  • We are unable to accommodate specific lighting requests, unless part of the costume lights up and you would like to show it off.(please add this info to your application)
  • Costumes entered into contest need to follow MiyakoCon’s policies, and: 
  • No fire, glitter, or confetti. 
  • No surprising the judges or staff/volunteers.

In Pre-Judging, we will place each contestant into one of 5 categories. All contestants will verify application details during judging.


Youth (Under 14 years old)

Beginner (0 – 1 contests entered; been costuming for 1-3 years, made ~3 costumes)

Intermediate (2 – 4 contests entered; been costuming for 3-5 years, made 10+ costumes)

Advanced (5+ contests entered, costuming for 5+ years, made 15+ costumes)

Group (2+ cosplayers walking together; any skill level)

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