C0RV1D Cosplay

We are excited to announce C0RV1D Cosplay as a guest of honor!

Lorien, also known as C0RV1D Cosplay, is a Colorado native residing in the Seattle area. When not devoted to her passion for cosplay, she works full-time as a video game designer, plays with her dog, creates art and illustration, and drinks a lot of coffee.

Corvid has been doing cosplay for over 10 years. She spent her college years earning a Bachelor’s in Theater, Costume Design as well as education in glamour and special effects makeup and fashion. 

Corvid’s talents and experience have earned her multiple guest of honor appearances at conventions in Texas, Washington, and Oregon. She also has appeared at other numerous events and holds placement in cosplay competition.

She enjoys doing makeup and construction speedruns, hosting a number of panels from cosplay making 101 to Japanese fashion intro panels at cons, and enjoys entering cosplay competitions.

C0RV1D Cosplay will be doing four events with us this year, as well as judging the Cosplay Contest. She is bringing back Goodbye, Jojo! A Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Pose Off Battle! as well as Cutthroat Cosplay, as well as doing An Introduction to Japanese Fashion and Name That Intro!

Goodbye, Jojo! A Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Pose Off Battle! Even if you haven’t watched the show, everyone knows the famous poses that the characters of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure are known to strike! Think you have what it takes to win in a pose-off battle against a challenger?

Cutthroat Cosplay Inspired by the famous Food Network show “Cutthroat Kitchen,” join in a battle to the dea–finish line! Random materials, random characters, and only a few minutes to make your best cosplay!

An Introduction to Japanese Fashion Join Corvid Cosplay and their experience in the world of Japanese Fashion to learn the basics–What styles are there? What makes them different and exciting? What might work for me? *If Fashion Walk is included: Stick around at the end for a fashion showing of some of these styles!

Name That Intro! Think you watch a lot of anime, do you? Play a lot of video games? Challengers face off to find out who really knows those opening themes to their favorite series.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/c0rv1dcos

Instagram: @C0RV1DCOS

Twitter: @C0RV1DCOS 

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