Alisa Freedman and “Crossing Cultures”

As part of our focus on bringing in more japanese culture content we are hosting professor Alisa Freedman from University of Oregon to do a talk on “Crossing Cultures: Japanese Trends in America, American Trends in Japan”

Alisa Freedman is a Professor of Japanese Literature, Cultural Studies, and Gender at the University of Oregon, the Editor-in-Chief of the U.S.Japan Women’s Journal, and the Chair of the Northeast Asia Council of the Association for Asian Studies (2019-2020). Her books include Tokyo in Transit: Japanese Culture on the Rails and Road, an annotated translation of Kawabata Yasunari’s The Scarlet Gang of Asakusa, and co-edited volumes on Modern Girls on the Go: Gender, Mobility, and Labor in Japan and Introducing Japanese Popular Culture. She has published widely on Japanese modernism, Tokyo studies, youth culture, gender, television, humor as social critique, teaching pedagogies, and digital media, along with publishing translations of Japanese literature. She is writing two books: Cold-War Coeds: The Untold Story of Japanese Students Sponsored by the U.S. Military and TV Japan: Screaming Samurai Form Anime Clubs in the Land of the Lost. Alisa has been nationally recognized for excellence in mentoring and enjoys presenting at cultural events like anime cons and Japan festivals.

Crossing Cultures: Japanese Trends in America, American Trends in Japan From KitKats to Halloween, Disney to Marvel, American culture has been localized and popularized in Japan in often unexpected ways. At the same time, Japanese products, like sushi, Godzilla, and emoji, have taken on new meanings in the United States. We will discuss what game-changing trends teach about marketing, international relations, national branding, individual identity, notions of home, and more.

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