Kamon Tari at MiyakoCon 3!

Kamon Tari is a New Mexico based artist, model, twitch streamer, and cosplayer. She specializes in promotional cosplaying and charity work. With over 3 years of professional experience, Kamon Tari has judged numerous costume contests, ran panels, and hosted a variety of events at cons around the US. When she is not assisting clients, she sells her artwork and takes donations for charities at her personal booth – so on swing by, have a chat, and see what she’s up to! She credits the wonderful and inclusive cosplay community that inspired her to aspire towards her dream career and hopes to spread the love.


Kamon Tari will be a judge at this year’s Cosplay Contest and have a fan table at our event!

Julie McGowan Will Be At MiyakoCon 3!

Julie McGowan is MiyakoCon 3’s Director and she has been with the event from the very beginning. She’s currently a student and eventrunner in Portland, but she grew up right here in Salem, and still enjoys and cares for the thriving communities present here.

Julie and her partner Stephen, the Operations Director, started MiyakoCon in 2016. It was a one-day event for two years, and it grew fast! Now seeing it through the first year as a two-day con, she’s looking forward to seeing MiyakoCon’s continued betterment in the future.