Having trouble finding game buddies?

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the gamely homepage

You know who you are– no matter what, it just doesn’t seem like you can find people who fit your schedule. You have a genius RPG campaign, a whole beautiful world built out for it, and it’s ready to go– you just need players who can match your Tuesday-nights-only schedule. Or maybe you love boardgames, but you’re in school and you work full time so Thursday and Saturday nights are free– but all your friends work weekends. Or maybe you’re dying to host and you have an open schedule, but only know busy people!

MiyakoCon’s new sponsor, Gamely, is a brand new android application that connects gamers serious about getting together. It provides you all the tools you want, with all the simplicity of a kind of “dating” app!

See the players closest to you FIRST.
See the players whose selected games are closest to yours.
View player profiles to find hosts.
Check days of the week players are available.
Swipe Right to go directly to messages.
Add other players to your chat.

Download the app and check it out!

MiyakoCon 5 Mascot Contest

MiyakoCon 5’s mascot contest theme is SLICE OF LIFE! Send us your interpretation of a five-tailed fox girl caught in an interesting everyday moment. Submissions are due Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at midnight PST.Click here for a .pdf of these instructions.

We do want to see:

  • Formal, semi-formal, or casual day-to-day themes like home life, school, workplace, societal, family, and relationship situations
  • Cherry blossoms, petals, and/or fruit somewhere in the composition

We do not want to see:

  • Nudity or undergarments
  • Mature themes (violence, gore, etc.)
  • Characters or costumes from existing properties. Original work only!
  • More than one submission per artist. Send us your best one!

Technical requirements & submission process:

  • Submissions must be a PNG file, 3300×5100 pixels (portrait orientation), on transparent background.
  • By submitting art, you give MiyakoCon organizers non-exclusive, perpetual, unlimited license to use your submission for any promotional purpose. We will always credit you for your artwork.
  • If you win, we’ll ask you to submit a background image as well (for use on digital and print media)
  • Winners receive a place in artist alley and $100.
  • Email submissions as attachments to info@miyakocon.com and include:
    • “M5 mascot submission” in the subject line
    • Your real name (for us)
    • The name you’re publicly known by (if different) and
    • The URL of one website you’d like promoted alongside your credit (like your dA or artstation)

Thanks for participating! We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful art this year.  

MiyakoCon 5 will be held February 22 & 23, 2020 in Salem/Keizer Oregon.

Questions may be sent to info@miyakocon.com. Follow our social media and website for continued updates!

Need some inspiration? Here’s MyAnimeList’s list of slice of life anime.

YEAR 1 – 2016 – SAUCEBOX16

Your Cosplay Contest Judges:

Black Bettie Cosplay

Black Bettie Cosplay is a plus size cosplayer, creator, and photographer from the PNW. She has been cosplaying for over 10 years and has made over 37 cosplays from a variety of movies, comic books and animated films. She believes strongly that cosplay is for everyone and works hard to spread that message. She loves the challenge of bringing each character to life and learning new crafting techniques. When not working on cosplay, she enjoys Lolita fashion, photography and graphic design, and catching up with her favorite animated series.

Alderis Spindleheart

Alderis Spindleheart is a veteran in the con circuit starting in 2004. Since then he has gone on to be a commission costume and prop builder. Outside of the world of cosplay Josh has also been involved with various theatrical performances and been a Production Assistant in a few film productions. He has also won a number of costume competitions for creative skills.

Jailer Cosplay is a Colorado native residing in the Seattle area. When not devoted to her passion for cosplay, she works full-time at a video game company, plays with her dog, creates art and illustration, and drinks a lot of coffee. Jailer has been doing cosplay for over 10 years, but has only in the last year started pursuing it full-time. She spent her college years earning a Bachelor’s in Theater, Costume Design as well as education in glamour and special effects makeup and fashion.

Jailer’s talents and experience have earned her two guest of honor appearances at conventions both in Texas and Washington, multiple appearances judging competitions, and recently worked as a cosplayer at a booth for PAX West. In a few short months, she has earned a moderate Twitch and Patreon following, and has a rapidly growing audience on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

She enjoys doing makeup and construction speedruns, hosting a number of panels from cosplay making 101 to Japanese fashion intro panels at cons, and enjoys entering cosplay competitions.

Stay tuned for the AWESOME panels Lorien will be doing at MiyakoCon 4!

She can be found on social media at the following locations:

2019 Merchants

Here’s our Merchants lineup:




We can’t wait to see you there!

Your Cosplay Contest Host

Hildurgalaxy is a PNW Cosplayer, model, and creator. Cosplay has always been a fun and creative outlet for him and he’s always appreciated the effort others put into their own work. He believes that Cosplay is for everyone and he’s set out to make sure it is. He has made multiple costumes and outfits and been on numerous stages modeling or competing. He loves all things goth, fashion, and creepy cute. When he’s not working on a project, he’s working on a spooky podcast about ghosts and monsters with his best friend. If anyone mentions his cat or mentions having a cat, he will immediately bring out his phone to show off his 20 year old familiar named Manga.

Judging the Lip Sync Contest:

A Hyperactive cosplayer since 2008 with a love for, gaming, movies, cosplay and an obsession for cats. Currently what motivates me as a cosplayer is to perform on stage in musical or normal skits. I love bringing a smile so someone’s face and I want to bring more love to autistic cosplayers. Though born in Romania I call the PNW my home. 

Instagram: @the_raptor_cat 
Tik Tok: @raptorkitty

With a love for creativity and a passion for hands-on crafts, KionCloud found themself intrigued with the idea of cosplay when it was first introduced into their life. Kion began their own cosplay journey in the autumn of 2013 about a year after discovering the exciting new hobby. They enjoy honing their skills in the many artistic aspects of cosplay encompassing making costumes, creating YouTube videos, as well as in-person performances in front of audiences. While attending several cosplay and Japanese cultural conventions throughout Washington and Oregon, Kion has participated in many live events including cosplay chess and several in character panels. In addition to enjoying the various facets of cosplay they also strive to be a positive influence in the cosplay community and enjoy the interactions they have with their followers on social media platforms such as Instagram. KionCloud loves meeting and seeing new faces so don’t hesitate to say hello!

Instagram @KionCloud
YouTube KionCloud

Uptown is a cosplayer that has become renowned for their highly successful character panels and award-winning lip sync battle performances.  They host many main events and emcee at conventions around the Pacific Northwest and share their panels, reviews, and advice with their broad audience as a YouTuber and social media icon.  Uptown has been creating their own costumes and styling wigs by hand since they began in 2012, and has cosplayed for events as many popular characters, most notably Chat Noir from “Miraculous Ladybug”, Lotor from “Voltron: Legendary Defender”, Viktor Nikiforov from “Yuri!!! On Ice”, and Death the Kid from “Soul Eater”.

Instagram @uptown.cosplay
YouTube – Uptown Cosplay

Sweet Maple Panda @ MiyakoCon!

Hosting the Sweet Improv Dance Challenge:
Sarah and Rin Pepper of Sweet Maple Panda!

Sweet maple panda was formed in 2014. Sarah and Rin are cosplayers and performers based in the Pacific Northwest. Having backgrounds in improv and creating costumes, they love being on stage, writing skits, cosplaying and recording videos for YouTube. Along with performing dance skits with their groups which have won multiple times at conventions, they have also won costume contests and lip sync battles. Previous panels they have hosted include Attack on Titan, Free!!! and Tokyo Ghoul to more current ones such as the Yuri on Ice, Love Live and of course My Hero Academia. Most of their panels are usually based around comedy, their favorite type being written around Improv and games that include the audience. Sweet maple panda also host an array of events such as the Sweet Improv Dance Challenge or summer get togethers. They like to reach out to new cosplayers to make them feel welcome so don’t be shy and come say hello. They want to make you laugh and hope you enjoy your convention. They both are currently working on art for their first artist table coming up in May 2019.

Please look them up on any of their social media:

Instagram – Sweet_maple_panda 
Instagram – rin_pepper 
YouTube – Sweet maple panda 
TikTok – sweet_maple_panda 
Facebook – Sweet maple panda 
Facebook – Rin Pepper

Narufro @ MiyakoCon!

Co-Host of Lip Sync Battle


Joining us this year: Narufro is A Shinobi cosplayer from the Pacific northwest since 2010 that is passionate for Anime/Cartoons, Art, Manga and Games. I’m a cosplayer that loves to be in character yet with my own crazy personality in place. My motivation is to expand my skills to make more cosplay and art and also to be an example for POC (People of Color) cosplayers everywhere!

Instagram @narufro.believe.it
Tiktok @narufrokun

Dirty Shinobi @ MiyakoCon!

Host of Lip Sync Battle and Co-Host of Sweet Improv Dance Challenge

Joining us this year is Dirty Shinobi: A Pacific Northwest cosplayer since 2010 with a passion for Cosplaying, Art, Anime/Cartoons, Comics, Gaming and an obsession for a variety of sub-cultures. Currently what motivates me to further myself as a cosplayer is the challenge of developing my favorite characters with my personal touches while also developing projects by experimenting with new crafting methods! 

Instagram: @dirty_shinobi 
Tik Tok: @dirty_shinobi 
Twitter: @dirty_shinobi