MiyakoCon 4’s new venue!

After much consideration and a lot of back-and forth, MiyakoCon 4 will be taking place at the Quality Suites in Keizer, at 5188 Wittenberg Lane NE, Keizer, OR 97303.

We are very excited about this change! There are very few venues in the Salem area that can support and event of our size. The Red Lion staff were good to us for the time we were there. Our new space offers similarly sized ballrooms, a lot of parking, larger lobby spaces, a fenced courtyard with a gazebo, and a more open floorplan.

If you have questions, we’ll answer them as best as we can. Just email info (at) miyakocon.com!

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MiyakoCon 4 is on the way!

Hi everyone!

MiyakoCon’s small team is busy working on next year’s event, February 23 & 24, 2019; negotiating with our venue, nailing down details about how vending will work for both dealers & artists, promoting MiyakoCon at other events, looking for potential guests, finalizing intake forms for panels, and lots of other stuff like that.

We appreciate the positive responses we’ve gotten from everyone looking forward to it! A lot of work goes into even the smallest events and our following is growing. Despite a rough personal year, we’re excited and optimistic for this event, too.

If you’d like to reach out with questions, are interested in helping out, or have any other concerns, send an email to info@miyakocon.com. If we don’t answer immediately, that probably means we’re actively working on the answer to your question!

Meanwhile, check us out at our table at Kumoricon in Portland, Admire our Mascot Art Contest Winner, keep your eyes peeled for info as it comes out (venue announcement in the next week or so!) and be excellent to one another.

All our best,

MiyakoCon Team

Kamon Tari at MiyakoCon 3!

Kamon Tari is a New Mexico based artist, model, twitch streamer, and cosplayer. She specializes in promotional cosplaying and charity work. With over 3 years of professional experience, Kamon Tari has judged numerous costume contests, ran panels, and hosted a variety of events at cons around the US. When she is not assisting clients, she sells her artwork and takes donations for charities at her personal booth – so on swing by, have a chat, and see what she’s up to! She credits the wonderful and inclusive cosplay community that inspired her to aspire towards her dream career and hopes to spread the love.


Kamon Tari will be a judge at this year’s Cosplay Contest and have a fan table at our event!

Chaotic Creations Cosplay Will Be At MiyakoCon 3!

Sheri is a 28-year-old costume designer, cosplayer, entertainer, reenactor, and all around geek, located in the Pacific Northwest. She is also what is lovingly referred to as a ‘Super Fan’ – one of those elusive and obsessive people who latch onto an author and fawn upon their every written word. Thus was the case for the Washington writer co-op ‘Clockwork Dragon’ – specifically one Jeffrey Cook. Through determination (and a pretty face), Sheri has begun training as Jeff’s personal assistant at conventions, more often than not dressed as a character from one book or another. A saleswoman by trade, she spends her free time crafting and modeling various props and outfits.
Sheri’s real passion—other than cosplay that is – is passing on information and teaching. Lately, she’s done this by running panels she wishes she could have attended when she first started. You can find her often running Cosplay 101, 102, and a villain etiquette class, along with a live-action Pokémon Battle Dome that she runs as Pikachu.

Queenie Will Be At MiyakoCon 3!

Hail and well met, my dudes! I’m a Northwest-based cosplayer and designer who loves to celebrate the joy of cosplay. I hope you all have a lovely MiyakoCon, and come to party with me at Cosplay Figure Drawing and Horror Stories of Cons Past! You can check out my casual cosplay via my facebook page, or my professional portfolio here: https://www.erica-rae.com/

waterdemon28 Will Be At MiyakoCon 3!

I’m a small time cosplayer that started back in 2009. I’m mainly located in the Pacific NW and have only attended conventions in Oregon and Washington. I have quite a bit of experience with running panels such as the Cosplay Improv Show and a few fandom panels like Soul Eater: Meister Madness.