The Quilt Doctor Will Be At MiyakoCon 3!

Contessa Paxton Timmerman is an accomplished craftswoman, working in many mediums including writing, knitting, crocheting, watercolours, charcoal sketches, and designing costumes. Her costuming talent began in 1986 at Gavilan College in Gilroy, CA. Contessa is an award-winning quilt designer. She has been quilting and sewing for over 30+ years.

Contessa’s love of conventions began in the 1980’s. and has been a part of Creation Station at Orycon since 2011. Since then, she has participated and joined in on many panels at Orycon, NewconPDX, Westercon, and GEAR Con. She looks forward to participating in MiyakoCon 3.

Sarah Wood Will Be At MiyakoCon 3!

I’m Sarah! I’ve been a fan of anime, manga, and video games since I was a kid. I’ve recently gotten back into the world of cosplay and conventions, and I’m loving every minute! Maison Ikkoku is my favorite manga, and Cardcaptor Sakura is my favorite anime. I’m so excited to share my love of Cardcaptor Sakura with my fellow fans, especially with the new Clear Cards series coming out! I would love to do this panel at future cons, and I hope I’ll see you there, too!

Red Leaf Cosplay Will Be At MiyakoCon 3!

Kat the Red was born and raised in Salem, OR and is happy to be attending MiyakoCon for the first time! An award-winning veteran cosplayer of almost fifteen years, she holds multiple awards in both craftsmanship and performance. Her love for cosplay permeates through her panels that inspire and encourage cosplay as a tool for building self-esteem and learning life-long skills. Her favorite animes include Cardcaptor Sakura, Azumanga Dai-Oh!, and Speed Grapher.

Rainydaysandtiramisu Cosplay Will Be At MiyakoCon 3!

Hello! My name is Emma though I also go by rainydaysandtiramisu on most social media platforms! I’m a professional cosplayer, which isn’t saying much since most of my work as a professional cosplayer is done in my pajamas. I’ve only been cosplaying for about two years now, so I’m still a baby in the cosplay community, but I’m working hard to grow every day! Unfortunately, when it comes to gaining experience in the cosplay world a lot of mistakes and crying is involved, but I’m getting there, slowly, but surely! I’ve hosted and participated in a multitude of panels (most of them successful but everyone experiences a few train wrecks along the way) and I’ve hosted at a few conventions now as well. I’m excited to be working alongside MiyakoCon this year and I hope it will be a good one!