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MiyakoCon Event Schedules are usually posted the week before the event.

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SAMazon Cosplay’s Sunday Funday Kigu Party! at MiyakoCon 2019


All presenters will be contacted soon. Submission deadline was January 17.

All of our panel spaces will have a microphone or two, amplification for your audio device through its headphone jack, and either a projector & screen or LCDTV. Our projectors have VGA, DVI, HDMI, and component video inputs, and we primarily use VGA cables (with MiniDisplayport / Thunderbolt adapters in case of Mac computers). If you have any other connector than VGA or Mac video on the device you intend to project from, you MUST bring your own cable and adapter. If you can’t do that or don’t understand these technical notes, email both and and we’ll figure it out together.

Please Note: Presenters under 16 may not lead content at MiyakoCon except on panels that also include co-presenters aged 18+. Also, Receipt of submission does not mean acceptance & confirmation; We will reach out to you to confirm / deny your panel.