Panels & Content

Salem, Oregon's Annual Anime Convention

The MiyakoCon 3 Cosplay Contest sign-ups will be held on-site. The contest will be held on Saturday, with a required pre-judging session.

The Lip Sync Battle by Fandom PDX will be held on Saturday, and you can sign up here.


We are still finalizing our event schedule!
Convention Hours:
10AM – Midnight Saturday, 2/24
11AM – 8PM Sunday, 2/25



Click this link to be taken to our content submission form!

Please read the form thoroughly and fill out one submission PER item of programming you wish to run.

Content like: fan panels, contests, game shows, 18+, japanese culture, animation, voice acting, tactile crafts, 2D art, cosplay, gaming, and anything else you can think up that fits the community’s interests. Even if you’ve never given a panel at a convention before, you’re welcome to apply to give your content a shot at MiyakoCon! We’re more than happy to workshop it with you if you need a little help gathering your thoughts.

Individual panelists younger than 16 or group panels with anyone under 16 must have an adult with them on their panel. Panelists under 18 may not present 18+ content. 

Questions about programming and badge conversion should be sent to