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All MiyakoCon attendees and participants must agree to the following convention policies in order to attend or participate in MiyakoCon.

“MiyakoCon” is the name of an indpendently-organized anime fan convention taking place Saturday and Sunday, February 23-24, 2019 at the Quality Suites Keizer, 5188 Wittenberg Lane, Keizer, Oregon (and of subsequent, similar events by the same principals). “Organizers” refers to MiyakoCon’s business principals; “staff” means any persons acting in an official capacity at the event as empowered by the organizers; “participants” means content providers, merchandise dealers, and attendees of MiyakoCon, in addition to staff; “attendees” and “badgeholders” refers to persons who have received, in return for an entry fee or other consideration, a physical pass granting access to the spaces housing MiyakoCon; “content” means the scheduled activities presented at MiyakoCon by participants; “venue” or “hotel” refers to the aforementioned Quality Suites Keizer including its employees and agents; and “convention space” means the spaces within the venue rented by the organizers for official MiyakoCon activities.

In return for purchasing a MiyakoCon pass, attendees may access convention space and participate in content. A pass is required to access all content, must be presented on request of MIyakoCon staff, and should be worn visibly at all times on the front of the body between neck and waist. MiyakoCon passes remain the property of MiyakoCon organizers until conclusion of the event, and must be surrendered upon the organizers’ request until that time.

MiyakoCon Organizers reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

People of all ages may attend MIyakoCon. MiyakoCon includes content suitable for multiple age ranges, including some content not appropriate for minors. Attendance requirements for minors break down as follows:

Minors aged 0-13 years must attend with a parent or guardian who is also a registered attendee of MiyakoCon. These minors may NOT pre-register online. Minors aged 14-17 years may attend unsupervised if they provide a MiyakoCon Minor Attendance Form signed by a parent/guardian. These minors may pre-register online.

Minors will be issued, and must wear, a token or badge that identifies them as minors / youth. Minors must not attempt to circumvent age-based identification or attempt to access age-restricted content.

MiyakoCon is not a provider of child care services, and parents allowing their children to attend MiyakoCon understand that MiyakoCon, its venue, and all participants, agents, and associated parties thereof ARE NOT ACTING IN LOCO PARENTIS.

Attendees are encouraged to attend MiyakoCon in costume. Costumes must not be indecent or obscene according to applicable laws and hotel policy, either in construction, graphically, or textually.

Masks and other face coverings must not be worn in the hotel lobby, and merchants have the right to ask for a clear view of your face when transacting business with you.

Costumes, accessories, props, and costume weapons must not obstruct foot traffic or disrupt convention content or operations via size, electronic light/sound effects, or any other mechanism. Weapons must be replicas or otherwise non-functional props. No real firearms or sharpened blades are allowed. Please exercise common sense and do not carry or brandish weapons that law enforcement personnel would be forced to treat as genuine and deadly.

MiyakoCon organizers and staff can inspect costumes and props, etc., at any time and may require attendees to change or remove (from their person or the convention space) costuming, apparel, props, or weapons that are judged to be dangerous or disruptive, and may suspend attendees’ access to MiyakoCon until such actions are carried out.


MiyakoCon attendees and participants will abide by federal, state, and local laws; Quality Suites Keizer’s policies; and common courtesy. MiyakoCon organizers will reclaim passes from and expel attendees whose behavior, in our sole view, is dangerous to people, destructive to property, or disruptive to convention content and operations. If criminal activity occurs at MiyakoCon, organizers will cooperate fully with law enforcement in holding the responsible parties accountable.

In lieu of a lengthy and specific anti-harassment policy, the organizers would like to refer you to the above clause and remind you that (a) most of the behaviors prohibited by convention policies are also illegal; (b) that passes must be surrendered to organizers on request; and (c) that we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

To be perfectly clear: bigotry, bullying, and sexual harassment will not be tolerated at MiyakoCon.

It is essential that foot traffic through halls and doorways not be impeded. Do not sit, loiter, leave obstructions (like backpacks, costume props, etc.) or in any way impede foot traffic or block access to marked exits.


MiyakoCon’s photography policy reverts to basic courtesy and respect. Photographers, please ask subjects before taking photos. Don’t jam up hallways, and give people who don’t want to be in your shot an opportunity to remove themselves. Do not take photographs of artwork or merchandise without explicit permission of the seller. Attendees, understand that photography will be commonplace throughout MiyakoCon and accommodate it while being politely proactive about communicating your preferences. Special photography rules may be announced for specific events at MiyakoCon, such as cosplay competitions, dances, and live-modeling sessions. Organizers and staff reserve the right to declare spaces “no photo zones”.

By accepting a MiyakoCon pass, you grant MiyakoCon a universal, perpetual, nonexclusive license to use your image in any media. (I.E., if we are taking official photos or videos around the con, and you happen to be in them, we do not need further special permission from you to use those images on our social media and publications, etc.)


MiyakoCon Organizers, staff, venue, and agents/affiliates, are not responsible for any damage, theft, injury, or loss. Attendees of the convention are responsible for their own actions as individuals as well as for any resulting repercussions. Civil or medical emergencies that may occur must be handled directly by the appropriate authorities.

Participation in MiyakoCon and its content is wholly voluntary. All Participants, including guardians of minor participants, shall indemnify, defend and hold Organizers harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, obligations, costs and expenses, to the fullest extent allowable by law, arising from or in connection with participation in MiyakoCon including, without limitation, damage or personal injury to Participants, or any other person or property from any cause.


No refunds. Expelled attendees forfeit their MiyakoCon pass purchase price. In the event of an event cancellation or postponement, attendees/participants have the option to roll their registration forward to the rescheduled MiyakoCon, accept a substitute registration for another Oregon-based fandom event as offered by the organizers, or forfeit their pass purchase price. Lost badge fee equals full pass purchase price.

Questions about MiyakoCon can be addressed to the organizers at info@miyakocon.com.

These policies are hosted online at miyakocon.com/policies and repeated in summary on the badge distributed to attendees and participants upon registration at MiyakoCon 4. Attendees and participants affirm agreement to these conditions upon receiving their badge at MiyakoCon’s registration table.


Accepting this badge = agreeing to all MiyakoCOn policies listed at miyakocon.com/policies. Policies are subject to change. Lost badge replacement fee = full admission price. All attempts to circumnavigate age restrictions are a violation of our policies / terms of service. We maintain the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. This badge remains property of, and therefore can be revoked by, MiyakoCon organizers until 12:00 AM February 25, 2019. See Registration for Lost and Found.


My child, or the child I am an authorized guardian for, is permitted to attend MiyakoCon, an anime fan convention occurring February 23/24, 2019 at Quality Suites Keizer, 5188 Wittenberg Lane, Keizer, Oregon. I understand that no party involved in MiyakoCon is providing child care services or acting In Loco Parentis.

I understand that my child is responsible to abide by the requirements described at miyakocon.com/policies, including but not limited to our liability clause: MiyakoCon organizers, staff, venue, and agents/affiliates thereof are not responsible for any damage, theft, injury, or loss. Attendees of the convention are responsible for their own actions as individuals as well as for any resulting repercussions.

Civil or medical emergencies that may occur must be handled directly by the appropriate authorities. I understand that MiyakoCon will contain content suitable for a variety of age groups, and I consent to my child attending general programming. I understand that MiyakoCon may include some content restricted to attendees 18+, and that diligence is being exercised to exclude minors from that content. I understand that MiyakoCon has zero tolerance for attempts to circumvent that diligence.

Form asks for name and age of minor as of 2/24/2018, Date, Guardian name, and signature.