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Salem, Oregon's Anime Convention

MiyakoCon will be returning this summer! a lot of details are yet to be finalized, but we are determined to bring back this event for the community and have been having venue discussions. We are not necessarily going to have a "full con", but we should be able to bring back many of our favorite features.


We are looking at summer for our initial return because of the availability of some outdoor market space offered to us, as well as for ease of gathering people together, among other reasons; we may or may not land in summer long term depending on how well it goes and relation on the calendar to other events.


If you are interested in getting involved, catching up, or are just excited about the idea, we have a contact form below OR you can contact info@miyakocon.com directly. Please do. We miss you!


Note: we had a technical issue with Google and have lost some of our records. If you have been a panelist, vendor, or volunteer in prior years, don't wait for us to come to you: reach out or keep an eye on online spaces for application openings, as we only have some of your contact info.

We're working on a big project for our community, and we can't wait to share about it! Keep your eyes peeled for updates on our social media. 

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